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Another Public Service Announcement
D12 Lyrics

This is ANOTHER public service announcement brought to you
in part (punch sound) AARGH!
Rondell Beene:
Shut up punk! Yo... This thing on? Good, good
hell yeah. Look I'm speaking on be half of D12 and if you get
offended by words like bitch, ho, sissy, faggot, homo, lesbian,
fudge packer, clit eater all that shit like that, then you should
turn this shit off right now, because thats is some of the shit...
no, thats the only shit you gonna here right now on this album.
It's not like they don't have creativity or some shit like that, that
ain't the case. We just like saying shit like that just to fuck with
you. Ey, i told you to hold him down know he running,
but... fuck it! (gunshot) God damnit it if you had of just stayed still
that won't happened to you. It just goes to show when you fuck
around with us, shit can happen. Bitch!

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Comments from YouTube:


The Eminem that was on this album would eat today's Eminem alive.


@Lastname Firstname Straight fax (FACTS, get it? kek)

Calum Mackie

@Alex Enache try being addicted to drugs to hardcore drugs, i thought that was pretty obvious on encore..

Alex Enache

@Lastname Firstname Then why he was selling ten times more than he does now, because he was controversial and he was saying shit without worrying about what others say or think about him unlike now he just matured and it's good it's part of a man's process but never ever the 99-06 Eminem will ever be beaten by the new shit he's putting out, I loved recovery relapse and some part of MMLP2 and music to be murdered by but his first 5 albums plus the D12 shit that's Eminem at his best undoubtedly.


young em made better music
new em is a better lyricist

if old em was so godly what happened on encore

Lastname Firstname

Nah, his lyrics have become even more packed and overloaded with lyricism. Current day Em is further evolved. He'd easily make fun out of all the mistakes young Em is making and is about to make.

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The Ultra Labyrinth Of D-Bro DALE

Old Eminem was funnier and more edgy.
New Eminem is faster and better at word plays.

I enjoy both but SSLP, MMLP, TES > Revival, Kamikaze, MTBMB

Isa the Rebel

@The Ultra Labyrinth Of D-Bro DALE I respect your opinion but I gotta disagree with you, I listen to the beats alone all the time and I ain't a fan of Eminem Show or MMLP2's style, they are the most diverse but not the best produced, I really love that g-funk/reggae sound of SSLP and MMLP, it was like Em's version of Dre's Chronic album, Relapse was a dope album because it returned to that style too, I assume you love rock as a genre I can't get into that cringey rock sound especially on MMLP 2 it sound terrible, MMLP 1 was a perfected version of SSLP

The Ultra Labyrinth Of D-Bro DALE

@Isa the Rebel That's still way off base. I can understand if a hardcore rap fan prefers MMLP production over TES but musically and generally production on The Eminem Show is not only overall better and more diverse than those first 3, but it is the best overall. Most consistent too. The only other album in his entire catalog that can match it track for track on beats alone that I've heard is MMLP2. In other words, I dare you to do this: listen the full instrumentals on those albums. SSLP, MMLP, TES or any Eminem album without any lyrics whatsoever and then come back here. Til I Collapse, Business, Superman, When The Music Stops, Cleaning Out My Closet, Square Dance, My Dad's Gone Crazy. Whole damn album's beats were god tier. Even Eminem himself said it was fantastic and he is at times his own harshest critic.

Isa the Rebel

@The Ultra Labyrinth Of D-Bro DALE Bro I didn't say Eminem Show had the worst production of the entire catalogue, outta the three major LPs u just mentioned it's the worst produced in my opinion, Em Show have the better lyrics but the rock inspired beats ain't better than the other two, I agree with u about the Revival and Kamikaze albums, the albums sound terrible, The Devil's Night album is a great continuation of the musical sound and theme of MMLP

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