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DJ Koze Lyrics

Many people are experimenting
with the drug ecstacy
I heard you say once
that a lie is sweet in the beginning
and bitter in the end
and truth is bitter in the beginning
and sweet in the end
I have been meditating
but I don't have experience as people report
from the drug ecstacy
Is a drug like the lie
and meditation the truth
or am I missing something
that could really help me?

Contributed by Avery B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jack Stevens

Imagine hearing this as the sun came up, raving for hours with your mates

Dean Atkinson

yeah saw Move D play this at NYE for the Hydra in a dingy little warehouse in London. not quite the same but still a moment

Jack Stevens

@Phil Mcdermott I went to cocoon that year, what a party!

Phil Mcdermott

Jack stevens this was me and big group of mates at amnesia cocoon closing party 2016 about 9am as the sun beamed through the terrace! As Sven vath was playing this! Memories il take to my grave! 😍

Alexander H.

Very accurate that comment 🤩

Jeff Logan

I landed in Reykjavik Iceland for the first time on a snowy March day. Popped this on in the rental car and drove and drove and drove a magical drive to Vik. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of this magical drive in southern Iceland.

Selcuk Isik

later on you realised, that there was no music, no rental car, no Iceland - just a good xtc pill.


Ahh love that. Get those feels

Jon Doe


driving a car & deep house are a match, indeep ahm indeed.
Mrs. Obama said that after Barrack Obamas time as president, she had missed driving overland w/ a car.

Predrag Babarogic

Oh Gosh, I can totally understand you. Brings back memories from that lovely country

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