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How I Like It
D Double E Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'How I Like It' by these artists:

Maluma Uh Ajรก Mamacita Muah Quiero llevarte al cielo sin sali…

We have lyrics for these tracks by D Double E:

Bad 2 Tha Bone OH my woooord Hold tight SX Big up all the stay fresh…
Bluku! Bluku! Oh my word Bluku bluku, ina the informer 'ead Bluku bluku,…
Fresh N Clean Ooh, ooh Dirty Bada-ba, ba I must confess This place ain't …
Lovely Jubbly I'm woh I'm woh I'm I'm gully gully Everyday I'm looking min…
Street Fighter Riddim Oh my gosh It's D Double Hold tight Swerve on production It'…
Wolly (Everytime I phone you it's the same shit) (I thought you…

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Comments from YouTube:

rosie nabavi

D Double can rap about ring a ring a roses for all I care. Gets my backing and ratings all day. X

Aaron Burton-Harrison


Raudi TT

anyone hating on this track clearly don't understand d double e

Emilio GTA

Are you gonna do some grime? Cause das how I like it


Emilio GTA ffs๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚



Red Room Gaming

Emilio GTA savage


when D double e makes true grime. That's how I like it.
when he's with footsie. that's how I like it.

Mesut Ozil

When D drops a a new ting that's how I like it!!!

Cavali Realist-c

We need an album this year double, no excuses.

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