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Daft Punk Lyrics

Dafunk back to the punk come on

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Thomas Bangalter, Guy Manuel Homem Christo

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Silverson X

How I can describe each album:

Homework: Modern Disco, Party Vibes, Groovy

Discovery: Uplifting, Melodic, Emotional, Joyful, Interstella 5555, Best Album From Them

Human After All: Weird, Robotic, Creepy, Mysterious, Untypical, Different

RAM: Great Melodies, Melancholic, Relaxing, Calm, 2nd Best Album From Them

1993 - FOREVER

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Aaron Derrick

Who else is binging their albums after they announced their retirement


Me; i didnt know who they were because im gen z but now im starting to see how freaking legend they are

Josh Shrum

I am since after i heard they broke up i added their whole discography to Amazon Music, and i am currently getting really into them since i hadn’t really fully listened to the albums before just a couple of their songs, mainly Around The World, Faster, Harder, Better, Stronger, Robot Rock, and Get Lucky, but i also watched Interstellar5555, for the first time, and i loved it, but it’s definitely made me love Discovery, even more than i already did, and i am going to buy their albums on CD, since the albums i really want on Vinyl, are really pricey so i am probably waiting till i can go to a record store once the pandemic ends to get a better deal, though i can buy Human After All, since that one is cheap on Discogs.

eelektr0 650

@Izer Nice. Mine was Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses, and I was 13 years old in 1987. Though not the same as Daft Punk at all, it kicked off my electronic love, as well...


homework only

Derrick Marler

@n0xx Discovery was pretty Damn electronic with some tracks, like Short Circuit for example

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Parker Hughes

And so begins the binge of Daft Punks studio albums after their break up announcement this morning. So long Daft Punk, thanks for all the tunes.


Parker Hughes — You found Daft Punk and the "silly robots" after those cartoons and a mention in The Simpsons, right?


Bro I recently became a fan too,now I will never see them live unless it’s a live concert called one more time

PR0 G4M3R 05

@Finnley Kenneth are u a bot? stop promoting websites

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