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Out of Control
Darude Lyrics

out of control

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Comments from YouTube:

KingT RyuJin

Man the early 2000's songs when I was the most happy in my life. I was only a child but with 7 to 11 this was the time I felt totally happy no worries about health family or anything everything was greatly going. Everytime I am listening those old and awesome dance / trance songs I need to relate to my most happiest lifetime.

Torsten Scholz

90s and early 2000s trance and house remains the best dance music ever, soooo much better than today's soulless edm garbage. Fragma, Sylver, Lasgo, Milk Inc, Ian Van Dahl, Darude, Barthezz, Daddy Dj, Gigi D'Agostino, Prezioso feat. Marvin - so many awesome tunes.❤❤❤❤

Kaloyan Roussev


Madana Bhat-Khandige

Same here, mate!

KingT RyuJin

@mark cullen agreed good times good music

mark cullen

That's amazing. I know exactly how you feel but my time was 60years ago. Good times, good music

Justin O'brien

Still a tune in 2021 and still sounds fresh and kicks arse as music of today could never touch trance or dance music as there is nothing new to ever take its place or to compete with it sadly!!! A timeless classic from the better happier days of life!!! Todays music is a pile of 💩💩💩

Wice Orc

I wish I could say the same, been listening this set from 2005-2015 and at somepoint i just get bored of it no matter how perfect it was.

Abhinav Subramanian

I like how Darude is staring creepily at the girls the whole time.

Martin Meijer

And how the goldfish is swimming in a bowl filled with air. In contrast of him 😎

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