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Rinky Dink
Dave "Baby" Cortez Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dave "Baby" Cortez:

Can Can't buy me love, love Can't buy me love I'll…
Can't Buy Me Love Can't buy me love, love Can't buy me love I'll…
Come See About Me I've been crying 'Cause I'm lonely (for you) Smiles have all…
Happy Organ The best things in life are free But you can keep…
How Sweet It Is How sweet it is to be loved by you How sweet…
I Turned You On I turned you on Now I can't turn you off I turned…
Peg Leg peg leg! everyone's doing it like they should one leg down…
Where Did Our Love Go ? Baby, baby, baby don't leave me. Ooh, please don't leave me…
You Talk Too Much You talk too much, you worry me to death, You talk…

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Comments from YouTube:


76 and couldn''t help myself from smiling. This song is like buttered popcorn...It's light, no nutritional value, no social significance to anything going on in the world and it makes me feel unashamedly, damn good. I had no clue until today, that you were Afro American, a talented artist that looked like me. What is most important, though, is how good you made so many of us feel with this song and Happy Organ. So, an appreciative Thank You, Mr. Clowney, Dave "Baby" Cortez, for picking up my spirits, way back then.

Bobbie LaVanway

Played this a lot as a teen, walked around the house to the beat drove my mother nuts. (lol) Then once caught her playing the record and doing what I had been doing, she was ssooo cute ! !

adam pagan

@hidenseek Playing any of those British long hair music records drove my parents nuts. Most of them ended up in the trash..


Great story!! Thank you for sharing that!

Trixie R

@hidenseek My mother really liked Herman's Hermits back in the day.

Robert Haskell

Great story. Thanks!


Playing " Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter " by Hermans Hermits is what drove my mother nuts, lol.

ireni solka

Levei mais de 60 anos pra relembrar esta música fabulosa

June Johnson

One of my best memories as a young teenager..still LOVE it...

Wi To

Great song! I’m glad someone is spreading the oldie joy!!

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