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Future Legend
David Bowie Lyrics

And in the death,
As the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy
The shutters lifted in inches in Temperance Building,
High on Poacher's Hill.
And red, mutant, eyes gaze down on Hunger City.
No more big wheels.

Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats,
And ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes,
Coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers,
Like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue.
Ripping and rewrapping mink and shiny silver fox, now leg-warmers.
Family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald.
Any day now,
The year of the Diamond Dogs.

"This ain't Rock'n'Roll,
This is Genocide."

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: DAVID BOWIE

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Comments from YouTube:


Back in ‘74, this song got me one of the few gold stars I ever got at school when the teacher asked the class what was the word that meant ‘the extermination of an entire race”. Quick as a flash I shouted out “it’s genocide, Miss”!
I left out the ‘this ain’t rock n roll’ part, though!

Drew Glenn

Thanks to my dad, I was told at 6 years old that this is the greatest bowie record ever made. I knew it then, I know it now.


thanks for this, i always loved how smooth the transition was between these two on vinyl, the gap between songs on digital just ruins it.

Andrew Dexter

1974, I was just five years old, my grandfather Bill had the album, he used to play the start, and as soon as I heard it, I would scream in fear as it really frightened me so much.

Mrbrbusby .busby

Andrew Dexter Omg. That was approx my same experience. We were in ATL in ‘74. There was a real big gay scene. My mom was in the Anita Bryant orange juice cult and wouldn’t let me and my bro go to the Bowie show. He put me on headphones on future legend. And I went no. 2 in my Disney swim trunks.

Morg Ellon

Favorite Bowie album. Record player broken, thanks for posting this.

Redzen 0488

I was 15 in 1974 and David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" was all the go when it was released that year.

Every fucking song on it was played to death. And why not? It was a giant album and marked the end of Phase 1 of Bowie's career.

Why Ask

I ordered this album from England.
I TREASURE this vinyl album.
The artwork is PHENOMENAL

John Haley

Much underrated i think by Bowie fans. I was not a huge fan of D/D when it first came out. Rebel Rebel was obviously massive at the time.I was fourteen and bought Rebel Rebel but never thought much of the rest. But looking at it again it really stands up after forty odd years..


Mrbrbusby .busby What do you mean “every instrument?

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