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Speed of Life
David Bowie Lyrics

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John Stewart

One of the best intros to one of the best experimental rock albums EVER. This album is 10/10

Gregory Bruce

record executive sent this album back with a note "side 1 ok side 2 needs a bit of work " bowie sent the album straight back unaltered

Daniel Roberson

@Paul Wilde This is the coolest album ever made. Rock with a twist and music from Dark Shadows.


The ego on a human being to think their qualified to give david bowie notes on his music.

Ethan Hill

@Oldgriffin49 In hindsigh pairing both Side 2 would had been a great album and pairing both Side 1 might had been best rock album of the 70s. I will say LOW Side 1 is among all time best rock albums and includes bookend great instrumentals I would had released as a b/w.

I never listened to either Side 2 until P. Glass interpreted both. Low Side 1 was my great ready for Friday and Saturday night frolics of all types.

Bowie is RIP and his catalogue sustains interest.

Paul Wilde

@JJRJ 85 Whatever, I don't personally like Warszawa, Weeping Wall, or Subterraneans. I like Art Decade though.


@Paul Wilde ffs, he failed to notice B-Side was a conscious all-instrumental/epic side??

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Fritz Idler

Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.

Paul o Brien

Tiptoe, thru the tulips.
13/02/ 2020 vision
Sound and ......

Robert Moloney

Fritz Idler brilliant. You win the internet.

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