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Speed of Life
by David Bowie

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Olive Eisner

Music from the future in 1976. today it sounds fresh and timeless.
Bowie = genius


He is genius like Visconti and Eno

Jose Gomez

Olive Eisner
Well, that was the idea in the 1970's. Just think that it was the music that will continue from the 70's to the 80's. Except, it's kinda like disco music in a futuristic way.

Lonnie Cavenee

Almost wore the stylus out on my Kenwood turntable playing this track over and over when I got it home from the record store the day it hit the stands.


Love me some Bowie!

James Anderson


Jacob Norsworthy


Teenage Wildlife

good meme

Jose Gomez

Awesome song!

McGee, Darion

Start at 0:43

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