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Speed of Life
David Bowie Lyrics

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John Stewart

One of the best intros to one of the best experimental rock albums EVER. This album is 10/10

Jeff Septime

11/10 😉

The 2nd Coming

Hate it when they only sometimes have the alternate album covers available in the thumbnail😩

Eulalio Montesdeoca

That Bowie-Eno moment in Berlin, sponsoring punk, is one of the most important moments in rock. When you are young, very young, almost adolescent, your life turns golden and you remain attached to that moment, eternally.


That’s me at 60 years old

carlos figuls


Alys Marcus


Thomas Coogan


John Stewart

Probably the best intro track ever written.

James Dean

@Jack Crane Glad you like it!! The whole album is probably my favorite album ever made

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