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Caprice No.24
David Garrett Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by David Garrett:

Dangerous Oh oh oh It’s dangerous Oh oh oh It’s dangerous You take…
How Many Times How many times do you wanna do this? To see that…
Io Ti Penso Amore Io ti penso amore Quando il bagliore del sole Risplende sul …
kashmir Whoa let the sun beat down upon my face Stars to…
Ma Dove Sei Ma dove sei (feat. Andrea Bocelli) Resta con me Non andar v…
Who Wants To Live Forever? There's no time for us There's no place for us What is…

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테마 00:30
1변주 플라잉 스타카토 00:53
2변주 아티큘레이션 스트링 크로싱 반음계2도음정 1:12
3변주 메노모소 1:35
4변주 옥타브 10도화음 2:25
5변주 2:40
6변주 더블스탑 중음주법 3:04
7변주 레지에로 3:37
8변주 트리플 스타핑 3:51
9변주 피치카토 4:14
10변주 하모닉스 4:30
11변주 더블스탑 피날레 아르페지오 5:14

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all disrespectful comments and all those concerning the private life of the Maestro will be removed.
This is a channel that supports the David Garrett's excellent job, not a place to gossip or where someone can afford to turn to him in inappropriate ways calling him "my love", "sweetie" and things like that.
So if you are a person who suffer from lack of affection or unable to restrain yourself in talk about his private life, this channel is not for you


always agree

Red bear

I am in love with your thinking!


My main reason to train really hard.

Aylin Aci

This is amazing!!!! I am really impressed!

Aditya Wigoena

It feels like i’m not allowed to watched this

꧁hxney_ akane꧂

Excelente, un clásico de todos los tiempos con una interpretación y dirección brillantes

mireille bertho

Magnifique David !...

ika winner

Amazing, thank you dear David

Nataliya Stoeva

David plays magnificently

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