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I Wanna Be With You
David Ruffin Lyrics

Oh, babe
Oh, when we met, I can't forget
The way you looked at me
And the vision that went through my mind
Of things that were to be
I loved to see that smile on your face
And all those fancy clothes
And I didn't know we'd fall in love
Oh, so the story goes

Lovin' you is good for me
Ooh, it feels so nice
If I could do it all over again
I know I'd pick you twice
This I say, sincerely to you
'Cause I want you to know
I'd stick right by your side
And I'd never let you go

Through my life, I've been lonely (I'm here, baby)
Now that I have you only
You look good in everything you wear
I love the way you fix your hair
This I say, sincerely to you
'Cause I want you to know, darlin'
I'd stick right by your side
Oh, and then I'd never let you go, baby

Mm, this spell that you've got over me (You've got it, babe)
Ooh, it seems so strong (It's strong, darlin')
Keep this fire burning inside me (Plug it up inside)
Don't let a thing go wrong (Oh, baby)

I love you
And I wanna be with you
I wanna, I wanna be with you
I love you
And I wanna be with you
Just let me by your side, I'll be your guide, woman

Writer(s): Ben Adkins

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Comments from YouTube:


what ever he sings is so good what a wonderful voice.

BB Senza

Beautiful song David.


I wish I had lived back then as a grown woman! Man I missed greatness.

betty yancy

This is real love making music!

Phillip Watts, Jr.

According to Discogs, the girl singing with him here and in "Love Supply" is Laverna Mason.

Bianca Bagnolet

où là là c'est fantastique c'est tellement géniale c'est magnifique c'est trop trop mimi j'adore ❤

Nona Non

That girl on the album cover is fire!

Shaw shaw


Jaded Chrysalis

You simply can't listen to this song only once!!

Sally Thompson

does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to this brilliant song I've looked and can't find them

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