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Dead Moon Lyrics

It's a new game, causing pain
You know I've got you on my brain
It's the kind of hell you'll never know
Girls like you just turn me cold
But I guess you found my weaker side
Resistance, God how I tried
But I've got it bad I must confess
To tell the truth I've done my best

But you treat me like poison
Even with the lights on
Guess I might as well be dead
Oh, I'm in the graveyard

Tried whiskey to ease your hex
It made it worse, my life's a wreck
The pills I took to numb my pain
Only brought visions of you again
I'd put the noose around my neck
But the way I feel, I'd probably break
Love must be an evil curse
I've tried to fight, it just gets worse

Your love is like an endless hell
What you do to me you know too well
You won't give me the time
I'm on the firing line
Convicted and disposed
You look but eyes are closed


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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel john Fitzgerald

I heard this song on my local college alternative music radio station back in the early 90s & never forgot it👍


RIP Only the original Graveyard will do! The Best! Beware of the imitators!

death evokation

They literally stole the whole song from 13th Floor Elevators called You're Gonna Miss Me

Greg Death

Love this song - thanks for uploading!

Thomas Prollock

You'll never be a punk nor a metal punk nor a musician if you don't blast this at 5am

Thomas Prollock

@Ryan J. Rapsys yeah

Ryan J. Rapsys

haha rite on! 1:45 am ok?

alblues fish

straight forward rock dig it thx


First time for everything. This is one of those for me now


pure R0k!

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