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Love or Money
Debbie Gibson Lyrics

You might be a small town boy
But your livin' large in my world
When you wrap your love around me,
You know I'm your number one girl
Traveled across the sea
But it didn't mean that much to me
You're the star that makes me shine
No matter where my heart may be
Do you need to know
Anything more than this?

I wouldn't leave you for love
Wouldn't leave you for money
Wouldn't leave you for anything in this world honey
Wouldn't do it for diamonds
Wouldn't do it for gold
Baby next to your lovin', they just leave me cold

A millionaire from London
Tried to sweep me off my feet
A lear jet, a fancy car,
But still you got them beat
If Valentino courted me
To marry him in Rome
It might be tempting,
But you know I'd rather stay home with you
'Cause you're still the one
Who makes me feel like a queen


Would you do it for love? ( Wouldn't do it for love! )
Would you do it for money? ( Wouldn't do it for money! )
Would you do it for love? ( Wouldn't do it for love! )
Or what? ( Nothin' in the world honey! )

I'll never let you go!
Do I need to know any more than this!?!


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Comments from YouTube:


Great album, every song

Steven Gregory

Agree absolutely true and you are awesome for saying that great taste in music

Marcela Ortega

Exc..Viva el internet..vuelvo a vivir..y con mis canciones favoritas... l Love Debbie

Josh Mosby

Underrated album Underrated artist

Steven Gregory

True for the album but she was insanely popular with number one hit singles I don’t think she was that underrated maybe for this album but she sold a crap ton of albums

Rene Galvan

Let's focus on the future and The best musical ever conceived

Steven Gregory

She was in a musical?

Josh Mosby

I like how u think

Steven Gregory

My favorite song on this album this and loosing myself the whole album is good though if you are one of the seven other people that made a comment your awesome if you are one of the nine people who disliked this song you have no taste in a good quality music, artist’s, and songwriters and you are also a douche

Ronnie Smith

There is a song missing on this, its Do You Have It In Your Heart?

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