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Military Man
Deep Blue Something Lyrics

"It was drizzling" outside
And I am feeling nothing
And you're reading on the road again
It reminds me of a day when
Nothing happened
Except I thought I meant something
But for only a little while

"Don't shake the military man's hand
You know what will happen
One shot and now you're in Japan"

Hey could this be
Is this one of those
Burn essentials
A talk back at a higher level
Or is it a masquerade
I'm in an earthquake with no breakables
I'm in a car wreck with no pants at all
I'm in a movie with no self-control
And you said,

"Don't shake the military man's hand
You know what will happen
One shot and now you're in Japan
Don't shake the military man's hand
You know what will happen
Flashback and now you're in command"

Grab my coat
And make it snappy
This is start your engine
A self-start in self participation
This is motivation

Contributed by Jordan F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Nice to hear people interested in DBS again. As you requested, I have now added the full lyric content under the "About This Video" section on the upper right side.


I love this song. I really miss the DBS message board.


yeah - i really do wish these guys would release another album. Great stuff

Anna Stoneedge

Hmm, for me, it is vice versa, I am always surprised if I find any at all good songs of recent times. But this song is a stroke of genius!


Does anyone else think this sounds like Gone Away by the Offspring? The chord progression and vibrato guitar in the background sounds strikingly similar.

Arik Graham

what a great band and song , they realy should got more popular , do Todd and Toby Pipes still sing?


Military Man is DBS's first song off their 2001 self-titled album. Very Lennon-esque in style.

Anna Stoneedge

Grateful thanks! I never thought I'd get a reply and now I have the lyrics, great! :)


...I've heard on some internet sites that the label was blamed for several of their band's low record sales, but I don't know for sure. Basically the band's popularity most likey decreased due to being out of the spotlight for so long. I still think that this is their best album though. "Park Bench" is an amazing track, along with this one, "Military Man".


@Ingrid79 Me too! It was my favorite band message board! I also wish I could look at their site again. All I'm able to do is pull up an archive of their front page, but not their videos, songs or photos.

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