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Cheese Cake
by Dexter Gordon

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Comments from YouTube:

Minston MacCheese

I listened to this while making a cheesecake

Isak Hungnes

Solo form
A1: 1:10
A2: 1:29
B: 1:46
A3: 1:55
A1: 2:12
A2: 2:30
B: 2:47
A3: 2:56
After piano solo
A1: 4:13
A2: 4:30
B: 4:47
A3: 4:55
Head: 5:12

Anna Wilson

hahah thanks so much, I was trying to solo along and kept getting lost.

Eric Leflave

this is the song that got me into Jazz when I was 13. A life changing moment.

Kai Suzuki

I got into jazz when I was 13 too but the song that got me into it was Take 5 lol. I love this song too, it has a lot of great material for transcribing

Joel Steinke

@Davide Ferrari Gordon is no nonsense. Ears dig that.

Davide Ferrari

Shit actually this could be a comment of mine... I'm quite sure that Cheesecake was the first jazz solo that I learned to love as a 14 teen... Jazz is a complex music and I needed years of listenings to understand it, from Coltrane to Coleman, but man Dexter's genius hit me so hard the very first time, without any jazz ear training

Dario Mazzoni

Eh dexter gordon si the best saxophone player. It’s a mix of John Coltrane, charlie parker and sonny Rollins

Manny Rivera

This is fire right here.

Seth Curtis Johnson

@Fandango Sungani that's the same way I dex'scribe Dexer.

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