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Main Title / Trinity Infinity
Don Davis Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Don Davis:

"Matrix Reloaded" Suite [INSTRUMENTAL]…
I My love must be a kind of blind love I can't…
In My Head Every other way Nothing Fades away Listen to the mission…
Main Title instrumental…
Navras Asato ma sad gamaya tamaso ma jyotir gamaya mrtyor mamrtam…
Neodämmerung asato ma sad gamaya tamaso ma jyotir gamaya mrtyor mamrtam g…
No More Nebuchadnezzar Out among the stars I sail, way beyond the moon In…
Trinity Dream instrumental…
You My love must be a kind of blind love I can't…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


The Matrix has a thing in common with Ghostbusters: everyone remember the pop song associated to the movie, few remember the orchestral score.

"What's the main theme of Ghostbusters?"
"Ray Parker jr's song!"
"What about 'Arrival at the Library' by Bernstein?"
"...who's Bernstein?"

"The Matrix main theme?"
"What about Don Davis?"

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John Doe

Can´t wait to hear this intro again in Matrix 4

Original Berry

@Kaiju Ninja 1985 ok.

Kaiju Ninja 1985

@Original Berry Well, a few days ago, they announced it was being moved up to Dec 2021 (from April 2022) and Dune and The Batman were delayed until Oct 2021 and March 4, 2022. Idk if they are going to delay Matrix 4 again, but rn, its Dec 2021.

Original Berry

@Kaiju Ninja 1985 Wait, December 2021? I heard a rumor that suggests the movie was delayed until 2022 due to Corona.

Kaiju Ninja 1985

@Original Berry Totally. The whole cast is what helped make the film/franchise. Im still excited for Matrix 4 and Keanu and Carrie Ann Moss returning, but man would I love to see everyone back. Since its been moved to Dec 2021, I bet we'll see a teaser soon.

Original Berry

@Kaiju Ninja 1985 I'm aware. Both Hugo and Laurence were awesome af.

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Allex Anderson

The intro that gave me goosebumps
The intro that still gives me goosebumps
The intro that will always give me goosebumps.

Wise words


Chris Chris

On your side, for Sure. Hope to hear it in 4.

chris len

I'm here. Neo back again

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