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Dr. Dre Lyrics

Goddamn, wassup, nigga?
Oh, shit
Hey, that motherfucker clean
Who was that?
Hey, that's Dre, nigga, that's the
Look at that shit
That nigga hangin' that motherfucker, Goddamn
That nigga chromed out up under that motherfucker
Hangin' on the bumper X
Hey, hang that shit

What up, Dr. Dre?

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Comments from YouTube:


Bought this album the day it was released. STILL listening to it in 2021. LEGENDS WILL NEVER DIE

Rebecca Thompson

When first bought this album when first come out, I loved every single track, STILL do. It also help my daughter when was a baby to sleep 😂😂

Tom Thomsman

Thot moms

RA SunGod7

Your daughter probably knows the words verbatim to this album.

Amanda Rose

Same this album would always put my son to sleep lmao


yeah, without a doubt Pause 4 Porno helps my sleep.

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Brian Desjardins

Best album in history! Takes me to my sophomore year lol watching the halftime show made me miss it REALLY bad

Pallas B. Antifearn

Fun Fact: Dr. Dre was actually sued by Lucasfilm in 2000 because the opening of the song sounded too similar to the THX deep note

Branndon Caffy

It almost sound like the beginning of Mr roboto by Styx

Tony Taylor

And sued again in 2002 for 500 million! For the use of the beat for truth hurts addictive

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