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Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife
Drive-By Truckers Lyrics

When he reached the gates of heaven
He didn't understand
He knew that folks were coming over
Or was it all a dream?
Was it all a crazy dream?

He saw them playing there before him
What were they doing there?
It felt like home, It must be alright
Or is it just a dream?
Is it just a crazy dream?

Memories replay before him
All the tiny moments of his life
Laying round in bed on a Saturday morning
Two daughters and a wife
Two daughters and a beautiful wife

Meanwhile on Earth his friends came over
Shocked and horrified
Dolls and flowers at the storefront
Everybody cried
Everybody cried and cried

Is there vengeance up in heaven?
Are those things left behind?
Maybe everyday is Saturday morning
Two daughters and a wife
Two daughters and a beautiful wife
Two daughters and a beautiful wife


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Comments from YouTube:

Joe Russell ~ Illuminare

I was there the day Bryan, Kathy, Stella and little Ruby were taken from this world... I saw the flames and the smoke... we called the fire department... they were our friends... they lived just across the street from our home... a great darkness filled my heart that day... and ever after the world I thought knew was gone forever... but this song brings back the day before... Saturday morning when all things were still possible... there is love in this song, the Harvey's would have loved that...


Ricky Javon Gray was executed January 18, 2017 in Virginia for the murders of Bryan Taber Harvey, his two daughters, and his beautiful wife.
Thank you so much for this tribute. I remember my horror at the insanity of this crime. it changed me somehow, a sadness I can't explain, and Richmond has never been the same.
Gray did not go easy, but easier than the Harvey's did. Patterson, this is lyrically beautiful. Thank you again.


I lost my dad unexpectedly a few years ago. He left behind me, my sister and mom. I spent that saturday lying in my parents bed with my sister, in a haze, as people came and went to share the grief. My memories are nothing as horrific as what this song is based on, but this song hits home in so many ways, filling me with an empty, beautiful sadness.

Susan Greenbaum

I hadn't known about this song until I read the 7/5/15 Salon article about it; I don't think I would have been able to listen to it earlier than today, and I'm not sure I was ready to listen to it now. That day and the days that followed (with another family murdered by the same people) changed our city. I will never get over it. Thank you, Patterson and all the Truckers, for honoring the Harveys and giving us beautiful and painful words and a melody to hold onto in our grief. No answers, because no answers exist.

Chillin' WithMyBros

Even though I am mostly into wilder music, the Drive-By Truckers made me realize that there are plenty of good sounds that don't have to blow your ears out. I love this song in the way you love those sad, emotionally perturbing songs. Great band, one of the best albums ever made.


Wow. I've heard this song dozens of times and never heard the story behind it. That just moved me to tears. How powerful. And yes, I understand the irony of me posting this comment. I hope these people are in peace, wherever that may be.


Never knew the Harveys or anything, but lived in Richmond for almost 10 years. This song brought me to tears the first time I heard it, and just had an impulse to listen to it yesterday - same reaction. Such a great song, even without knowing the back story, but knowing what happened and having it so close to home makes it very difficult to listen to. So hard to understand how someone could do this to other human beings. This song couldn't have been done better.

Joaquín Ignacio

how to even begin to explain what this song makes me feel...
abolutely beautiful

Mennis Dink

Absolute gem of a song, I thought I understood what it was about, untill I read the full story behind it. Makes the song even more gripping


I can't listen to this song without crying.

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