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Violence Of Summer
Duran Duran Lyrics

Hey!, pick it up
This'll get you out.. of your head

China's heading up, by the ratings on a motion
She goes with a real head biker, he's a metalhead
She looks me up and down talkin' dirty eyes
Sweet sayin' boy, baby I can lick you any time.
(keep it up)
(Ha ha, that's right)
Here we go again...
Bit later...
I'm gonna run into 'em round the back
While all them guys break heads in the sugar shack
Don't give me drink, I don't wanna get too stoned
Then we're gonna see who's gonna take who home
The violence of summer, and love's taking over
It starts with desire, ends up under cover

Those lips will make me right..
You may look down but don't think twice (ooh-oh)
So death is on the way,
So what man? I still want to play....
(oh-oh Yeah..)
One, two!
This'll get you out, of your money
This'll pick you up, let's go!
We'll take a ride, going south where her mother writes
For bad news catches up, we still got a little time
We made it all so far away,
One thing is sure, we shouldn't stay
I'll take it all - China gonna get the run around,
A run, a run around..
The violence of summer, and love's taking over
It starts with desire, ends up under cover
China,na China,na,na,na
China,na China,na,na,na
China,na China,na,na,na
China,na China,na,na
The violence of summer, and love's taking over
It starts with desire, ends up under cover
Loves taking over..
Yes loves taking over..
Loves taking over..

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Comments from YouTube:


Violence Of Summer, Do You Believe In Shame? and Electric Barbarella are the most underrated songs on their catalog... they should had been massive hits.

Jeff Green

I just think that they are underrated as a band, there’s a lot of snobbery where Duran Duran are concerned.

Sasha Dzura

True…although and as well as the albums Medazzaland, Pop Trash, Red Carpet Massacre and my absolute favorite DURAN DURAN album of all time “All You Need Is Now” (which did receive some recognition and accolades including the title track reaching the #1 spot on the US iTunes chart). I pledge allegiance to Duran Duran just for the creation of this album on its own!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Simon Edgbaston

🕊 Yes wonderful 👍


I am perpetually at a loss as to why it seems many Durannies hate this song!

El profe

Esta es una buena canción. Sólo le faltaron mas guitarras, pues tiene una intensión más roquera, pero suena a mucho pop.
Quizas si hubiese sido producida de otra forma, habría sido un tremendo hit.
Me sucede lo mismo con Electric Barbarella.

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It's a shame that this album was not well received at the time of it's release. It was due to the fact they completely changed their sound and style. But I heard the whole album and and to me it's a diamond in the rough. I still have my copy and I do enjoy it.😊

Gus Toledo

La mejor música de todos los tiempo en la actualidad no hay nadie que lo iguale

Simon Edgbaston

✨️✨️ Except Duran Duran 😊

Hector Carreno

Han pasado casi 30 años y no me canso de escucharla. Simplemente un clasico

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