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E.S. Posthumus Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by E.S. Posthumus:

- 11 "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is your Benzedrine, uh-huh …
Antissa Peromette nera Nedalqua ine Tianolg sodeny Sino bulthae …
Ebla Patermusa regen ergo mit entricto mi la fra trysil Patermus…
Isunova Vidi sefan ba Vinci fanma Vinci fanma Bana cartaruna Dol…
Marunae Ana Pele, Tela Promis Nova, Konta me Fe si kile Sacra...…
Mosane Vida! Vera misi vom ta le Vera misi vom va se Viserama …
Nivaos Tres tane satino Hanamo Capaci Serinu Nokusa Hatria Di Agr…
Nolitus Cresci von tesci, alor No meli leni, san dor Grandeli, se,…
Oraanu Induræ Cum ira Si onata sine lacrima Samaphe oraanu omni a…
Pompeii ¡EPIC MUSIC!…
Vorrina Scindi, torte vi yo Vije e ja, va mi ture Farolos e…

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Comments from YouTube:


I recommend modding Oblivion/Skyrim and to add this music as a combat music.
That feeling when you are wandering the peaceful land until you get startled by this awesome track popping out of nowhere because you just got ambushed by a rat!
It truly adds intensity to the biggest fights though


it would be sick having this as a combat music mod


This song makes me want to listen to more E.S. Posthumus while listening to this at the same time.

Јовица Нед

To The Bitter End!!!
Epic music.


@Mohamed Al-Mallah oh! Aha i remember!

Mohamed Al-Mallah

+Matthew to the bitter end :)


@***** warcraft 3 - The Chosen Ones?


It's in my head, in my bones, and in my soul. Bless you, E.S. Posthumus.

Tara H

Best...ever! This is literally the best song I have ever heard.

hakeem wilson

I listen to this to get me hype before EVERY football game.

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