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A Manner of Speed
EA Games Soundtrack Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by EA Games Soundtrack:

Lelianna's Song Hahren na melana sahlin (elder your time is come) Emma ir…
Mayzie Grobe Mobe, memzie grobe Nee fazu dwombay zybro Gwome, jepsie dome…
Oh No You Didn't - Mercenaries 2 Anthem Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Yo, yo, yo Oh no you didn't! Sucka tri…

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@carjasssso2 Could you provide a link ... ?

Iv'e already searched for it in the past, but never found it.

And how did you converted the files to .mp3 ... ?

Because ealayer3.exe doesn't work for the segmented tracks.

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Gustarf Fistus

The Soundtracks, the NFS lineup in earlier days was so good, like they really put much work into it to create these masterpieces of games. But there is no more such games. Today all EA worries about is bringing out some games full if microtransactions. Since then the NFS series is dead to me

Branden Does Stuff

“Look the guys you took this from, and there’s no sense of them are serious bad guys and they’re gonna come after you. Watch your back.”

Branden Does Stuff

6:39 can be heard only when you’re playing the Hot Car Mission Duel.


I always wondered (and now I know) if the different parts of the music were randomized when being chased by police.


@carjassssso2 what is 3:01 called? You seemed to have skipped this one. Ive been looking for it for years lol

Picnic Kiran

What a good song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Thunder Aviation

What is 3:03 called?

Davi Castanho Soares

#5:54 nice song

Qasim Warsi



I usually only hear this play in pursuits in NFS World other than pursuit theme 1.

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