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Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics

This my little brother on my mother's side, our father died
He was living with my grandmother on the North side of Sacramento
But this fag ain't just visiting, he's settling in
He can't wait to start meddling and doing the evil shit we do
Does he skate, yeah he skate too
Man, this nigga ugly and he raps, ooh
This the newest Wolf Gang member
And he, what's his name, Earl

Nigga, this nigga's forehead is so fuckin' big
This nigga, look at this fuckin' nigga lips, dog
This nigga's lips look like a split sundae
Yo this nigga's line is bended, that's fucked up
Yo this nigga, this nigga look like a African poet
Earl, say somethin'
Yo this nigga's forehead looks like a fuckin' big-ass moose
Nigga, don't be nervous nigga, say somethin' trust me guys, he can rap
He a bitch, just say somethin'
Nigga, don't be a bitch nigga, say somethin'
Nigga, rap, you fuckin' suck probably
Trust me guys, he can rap, just say somethin'

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Thebe Kgositsile, Tyler Okonma

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Comments from YouTube:


I wish they'd use this beat for a full song, Tyler does amazing with it


omg I remember bumping this whole album in school when it dropped holy fuck where does the time go WE OLD AF

Tiarra Hill

I know 😢




Its lil john


TheAndrewj96 what sample is it from? I'm really curious

Tetsuo Soprano

taco going in on earl with the insults lol..cracking me up.

70 NIGGI!!!!!

0:56 if anyone was wondering why he said that it's bcuz Earl's father is an African poet

Negi Springfield

Explains the sample on Shattered Dreams

Papapooper 18

Keorapetse Kgositile

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