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Cloud 9
by Emarosa

Open eyes maybe I'm a prophet kind
only this is not the right time to raise my knees
diving into what I need if I could die with a little dignity
maybe that would be the right spot to plant my feet fall into a parted sea
but now I have what I could not handle
watching what I used to love unraveling god damn but I will be there
calling from cloud nine if you can't hold your head up
why should I watch you walk away from a good life calling from cloud nine
and no it does not matter what you do
watch me walk away from you I'm leaving alone
love to walk to me to run away
I peel my face back under skin you understand my feelings man
I've got feelings man
I'm not right when I'm stuck inside we can imagine behind my soul
I feel a little overgrown
I have my eyes inside you tell me what I want to see
I have my doubts about you the fever dog inside of me
I need a better be at home better be alone
but I won't be there when you let me go and I'm feeling someones feelings
not done I'm feeling worse than I did when I won

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