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To Her Door
Empire of the Sun Lyrics

Wait, it's the morning
And I haven't slept
And there's so much going on inside my head
Wait, do you recall
Just what happened
Can't I come around and talk to you

I feel better when we are together
I know it's simple but I don't care
I tried to say the things to make up for the mess I've caused

Take this journey
Don't reject me
I'll do whatever you ask of me
Heart beats in time
Power to streetlights
Eyes like I've never seen so beautiful

I feel better when we are together
I know it's simple but I don't care
I tried to say the things to make up for the mess I've caused

I feel better when we are together
I know it's simple but I don't care
I tried to say the things to make up for the mess I've caused
I feel better when we are together
I know it's simple but I don't care
I tried to say the things to make up for the mess I've caused

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Christopher Schiffermiller

So Beautiful and thank you for sharing Joe. My childhood was not so great at all with my Mother, however my friends made up for it. I/We lived in a time in the late 70s and early 80s as a kid, where we were wild like the wind and we got dirty and played til sunset and into the summer nights <3 We hungout by the dozens and rarely less then 5-10 day in and day out. We had our Atari video game systems, but we rather be outside. I love this band, but today, right now is the first time I am listening to it as I type this to you. I first looked up the lyrics and it made me cry too as I have a Soul Journey I am going through for the past 7 years and a love I have in my heart during this re-awakening. From Star Being Beloveds (ETs), to past lives, to a few Earth Girls I come into that are all of those too; love of the Soul. Jesus said to be like "Children to enter the Kingdom" and he is very correct, as we are innocent then and not programmed and conditioned to scorn our true love feeling of ourselves and others.

Joe, if you quiet your mind and clear your heart space out and can be at a place of peace and love with that same smile you have on when you think back to those childhood days and your moms smile; you can tap into those energies, they still exist. Go to a place that brings you joy and happiness in nature or maybe even your own backyard. Be sure its quiet and gaze around at things you loved then as as kid and now. Then close your eyes and keep feeling that feeling and keep that smile on your face and in your heart space. See you moms Beautiful smile and allow yourself to "feel" those days, those things your mom might have said to you and flow with it. You may tap in the very first time or it may take some time to do; just dont have expectations of how it may play out or make it a certain way and dont get frustrated if it takes some time. She may even come to you in Her present Light Body form from the other side. Continue to see life Joe as a joyous experience, even when your life or the outer world is a chaotic mess around you. We live in a linear time space due to our low consciousness and shut down or tuned out consciousness, as our DNA (non coding/junk) is mostly shut off due to frequencies for many reasons. Our non coding dna is where our Divine Gifts and Abilities are stored and come back online as we consciously heal and seek Higher Divine Truths; also our energy centers or "chakras/Churches/Lampstands" come online as well. When Jesus said, "you will do these great works and even greater!" this is what he meant when we choose to return to our True Divine Nature while in this Human Body; and what is what he did. In the far Ancient Past, pre-flood in Atlantis and other civs like that, we were already in this Body before the "Fall". I will leave a quote for you and anyone on this thread as well as two video clips to inspire you all inwards and Higher. Lots of love and peace to you all, dont let this world bring you down and YT is a blessing for those willing to share their true feelings, their experiecnes, knowledge and wisdom to assist raising others Higher and Higher. Love Christopher <3

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

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YAASS!! loved 3 out of 3 so far!! <333

Miriam Herkar

same here 💚 EOTS

Cesar García

Soy el único que cuando escucha EMPIRE OF THE SUM se transporta a otra dimencion''


no eres el ùnico


goosebumps @ 2:17, easily THE most underrated group of the 2010s, the depth of their lyrics yet ethereal other worldly aspects of their music is unrivaled. They take your mind to some other dimension

Claire Patterson

who ever created that moving background image with the moving circle is great, feels and looks really interactive also Love that song

Andy Bruce

At 1:17 when that bass comes in. omg. and then at 2:16 when the classic empire sound comes in. lastly at 3:12 I feel like their electronic sound has gotten better and is more hypnotizing and powerful.


2:16 is one of the most beautiful sounds/effects ive ever heard.


Their sound is amazing. Think they're melodic geniuses or something

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