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Standing on the Shore
by Empire of the Sun

Standing on the shore
Waiting for the ship in call
There's something in the way I move that keeps them on their own

The stars explodes a storm
A billion seasons born
A shock to the waves I know, breaking far from shore

Don't want to talk
All I hear is noise
Don't want to talk

The future's in my hands
I hold it in my palms
Engrave it the leylines running right down her arms

Speak in silent tongues
Lies reflect the times
The ghosts and the shadows fill the living scene

Don't want to talk
All I hear is noise
Don't want to talk

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James Woody

Oh, come on. This is a pure-pop confectionary! Every once in a while, a band will pop through with nothing but a pop record. It works.

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Sidney Smith

if anyone is confused about this video, freaked out about the swordfish women, or just flat out like "wtf is this" I have an explanation for this! it will make you appreciate this band even more if you didnt already. this band is flat out spiritual I have to say. 
ok so, the people in the group (forgot their names) are natives of Australia. The natives of Australia are called the Aboriginis. they have many creation stories but one in particular is what the public knows about. They worship a time space deminsion called "Dream time." when the world was first made by what they call "the maker of all things" it was just this flat piece of nothing basically. No plants or anything, so the "maker of all things" also known as Baiame released the creatures of the dream time world and they brought life to Earth. the example of the type of creatures that came from dreamtime, are swordfish people that could look like men or women. (explains the sword fish women in the video) or creatures that already looked like men and women. ( I encourge you to read about the whole creation story)
The lead singer's head dress, and many other head dresses he has worn look very similar to aborigini head dresses used for ceremonies. the aboriginis do theses ceremonies to communicate with the dream time world. just look on google at the many different head dresses the lead singer has worn as well with aborigini head dresses and you will see what I mean. 
so basically the video is portraying the world of Dream time. 


google'd it, found nothing but indians and their feathers.

Spectral Arts

So they believed in the warp thousands of years before warhammer came along. cool.

Résistez Faire

Sidney Smith I think this video is awesome even before your explanation, the first appearance of the swordfish women at the beginning and the way everything mixes in with the music, it all comes together naturally in a fantastic performance by all of them, it is very soothing. Btw do you mean Dimension?

JesseLeeAM Aguiniga Mireles

playback speed @ 0.75x . thank me later

Northbound W

TLDR without the fan head-canon and blatantly false over-analyzation: Shits' psychedelic, go figure.

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H. D.

empire of the sun only appeals to people with a decent amount of imagination

Skate Junk

So imaginative that they have to take acid to write their music, smh


these guys are making epic songs.... sticky fingers and EOS put australia way on the musical map for me... totally sold on these 2 groups.

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