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Chocolate Samurai
Fantastic Negrito Lyrics

(You've got to)

Have you lost your mind yet?
To get free tonight

To all of your friends that come over
And get free tonight

Clap your hands in time
Get free tonight, yeah

Now the whole world is watching
Get free tonight

It's your mind, body and soul food tonight
Let your mind, body and soul feel it tonight


Have you lost your mind yet?
Get free tonight

(Now listen)
My people, my teachers, my soldiers
Let's get free tonight

When the bomb drop are you ready?
Let's get free tonight

Shake your body 'til you
Shake your body 'til you
(Get free tonight)
Lose your mind

Let your mind, body and soul feel it tonight
Oh, let your mind, body and soul feel it tonight

Said, you got to be ready


(You got to be ready)

When I was king
My mind would sing
Shake 'em again

(Get up for me)

My only friend
Spun the rhythm
Pulse me the rhythms
Slide 'em to the river
Trying to make a living with all that you've been given
Out of control like Vincent van Gogh
Penniless and broke
Goin' to California
Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke

We got to get ready
For the new cold



Y'all better be ready


Nobody remember they gonna come

(The call of the wild)

(Shake 'em up baby)


Eat less sugar
Have more sex
Eat less sugar
And have less stress

(I'm partying with Satan right now)

It's never too late to achieve your dreams
It's never too late to achieve your dreams

Back in my day we used to put the syrup on the pancakes
Not mix it with Sprite
Back in the day
Back in the day, yeah

Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing
Written by: Xavier Dphrepaulezz

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Comments from YouTube:

Emilly Santos

I’m here because of Falcon and The Winter Soldier 💛

Susieus Maximus

You have no idea how much this video helps me. I can't explain it, it just gives me hope and gets me motivated to get up and do what I can do to make things better -- which may not be much, but is something, and thus better than nothing. There's so much love and joy and movement in it, and movement, even just silly (but wonderful) dancing, is key for me. My worst enemy, always, long before this, has been inertia. Thank you so much. I hope to see you live someday to thank you.

George Hoskins

Jen Thompson p

Jen Thompson

We all have the capacity to be our own worst enemy, Sooo grateful for focus on our positive potentials and living in giving and strengthening ways whilst being able to receive LOVE. it's not an easy task, gratitude

Susieus Maximus

@Fantastic Negrito You're so welcome! <3 I watch it every day now, it's like a ritual.

Fantastic Negrito

Thank you for your inspiring feedback!

María Velázquez

I love the power of your voice, and the strength that your music gives to the paradox where we are apparently separated is simply unmatched; but we share in this pandemic. Kisses from Mexico City

María Velázquez

@Fantastic Negrito Thanks for your talent! It really makes the process more enjoyable these days. Take care, please!

Fantastic Negrito

xo Mexico City! We are in this together building global solidarity. One love

Bobbie Dusenberry

What a great song and superb delivery of this message! You once again hit the nail on the head! Kudos to you my Fantastic One.....a believer, Bobbie D.

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