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Bright Moments
Flamingosis Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Bright Moments' by these artists:

Pride of Mind youkou o sai ni uke tada hitotsu no michi o boku…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Flamingosis:

1978 Come all ye fair and tender ladies Be careful how you…
Brunch at the Bodega Timbero, toca la timba! Toca la timba...! Timba timbero me …
Down For The Fifth Time Left your mark In a distant past But somehow it's all gone…
Finesse (Hey Baby) Yeah Yeah Hey, baby Subwoman Oh, yeah Yeah Hey, baby Subwom…
Love Me in Everything I'm still here after telling you, so long I'm still here bab…
Ohhh Baby Ohhh Baby Ohhh Baby I-ahhh've been missing you Ohhh Baby I-a…
She Loved Me She was here with me today Walking softly holding hands And …

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Comments from YouTube:


Close your eyes. Inhale that sweet Miami air. Let the sun bake your soft skin. You're lounging by the pool as ripped male models fan you with oversize tropical foliage. Somewhere in the distance beyond your expansive, immaculately landscaped yard the waves lap against your private yatch. You take another bump of coke and dive into the imported Italian mineral water. The water's fine. Fine indeed. When you finally surface for air Juan Carlo is waiting for you with a blended fruit cocktail. You climb the step ladder and pinch that sweet ass. He smiles and winks. You take a sip. The guavapineapplemangogasm give you chills. Sex. Diamonds. Exotic cats. Cars with names you can't pronounce. The warm Spanish limestone tickles your bare feet. You saunter into the house through double wide french doors and spread out across the Herman Miller sofa. You lock eyes with the nude figure in your original Picasso. She stares back longingly, wishing she was you. Jealous bitch. Haters gonna hate. You're just about to doze off when you're boss taps you on the shoulder and asks how the quarterly report is coming along. You snap out of it and find yourself back in the cubicle staring at an Excel spreadsheet, paradise lost. Fuck you Brian. Fuck you.

Whitney V

lolll This is sooo funny


My wife said to stop acting like a flamingo, so I had to put my foot down.

Unity No Fear

If you help me write copy, the quarter report is gonna be just peachy

Taylor Craig

youtube needs a way to stop getting notifications on comment threads you posted on. anyone know how to do this?


this comment took me on a journey

101 More Replies...


oh man, im playing this at my restaurant today


Ohh lala ❤

Dave Yen

@Mindful Music Rick's dessert diner.


Will there be a compensation to the artist? 🤔

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