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The French Passion of Animality Opera
Foxy Shazam Lyrics

That concentrated gaze
you gave my eyes
I've never looked this deep into myself before
And I'm pretty sure
that I'm only human, then again I could be wrong
Sometimes I'm right
Sometimes I'm wrong
I never felt this way about anything
I am a Beast and i'm pretty sure

That there is no cure, but then again I could be wrong
The stars the stripes the godess in gold
I gotta keep a steady rythem of fashion and old
The way look the way you smell it all makes me feel
Live today but tonight
Chain me to the bed i wanna
Live today but tonight

Chain me to the bed and chain it tight
Out of control, I am a beast

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Comments from YouTube:


why isn't this album on Spotify!!??

Brad Walsh

The rock gods deemed it over qualified

jd crapt


Sieb Kelder Art

It's too good for Spotify, the US government doesn't want it.

Samantha Wimpee

Miss the way this band used to be! I remember seeing them at the mad hatter ughhhh good memories! If only to see Eric Nally eat a cigarette again lol

Christian Santana

Im so upset that there new stuff isnt even remotely this good. It was so unique!!! I missed the oppertunity to see him do stuff with the cigs but i heard about it through friends who saw them at school of rock nj and thought it was incredible. I wish they never changed but i get it it happens. Would be incredible if they went back to this sound cause it truly was unique and energetic. Couldnt find anything else like this.

Rusty Shackleford

Samantha Hayes Watched him put one out on his butthole.


I was super excited to see him in Downtown.

HyperZ's CNC & Gaming

@samantha hayes Saw him eat about 15 lit ones back in 08, wild show


+Samantha Hayes I saw home boy eat a whole pack lol

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