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Three Nocturnes Op. 9: Nocturne in B Flat Minor
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

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I cannot agree more. But I’ve got one point at least to mention:
When I look back, two decisions I would regret:
1) I was a long time autodidact. Therefore I would recommend to go to a real good teacher, and second, get the best instrument you can barely afford (the ONE hint I cannot stress enough)
2) Do not choose the most difficult piece to work on all day. Choose a good mixture of pieces, in several levels of difficulties

Nothing is more frustrating when you work on a piece which is not a good fit for your level. On the other hand, do you a favour and don’t score and overestimate every mistake.

At least, for recreational playing, it have to be rewarding and don’t forget that you do it for fun only.

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Who the heck is voting down Chopin..?

J. Maurice Rojas

@Willem Wolthuis Not at all: I like some rap, hip-hop, and metal, and I like some classical. Let's not be divisive. One leads a happier life if one enjoys more genres.

Steve Arnold

​@James Kirk What's that supposed to mean? I'm a Democrat and I adore Chopin. Leave politics out of it, it has no relevance to classical music.

Arya Pourtabatabaie

Maybe they don't like the performance.




Willem Wolthuis a lot of heavy metal was inspired by classical music so please stop talking about stuff you don't know much about.

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L Colletti

to think he died at age 39 with such a wealth of compositions

Fran Barrios

Meanwhile here I am doing anything with my life.

Kyle Chen

@Wandering Days fair point, he is kinda overlooked

Wandering Days

Kyle Chen I didn’t say it was a competition, but everybody forgets Schubert when talking about these things, and he died when he was 31 and left a huge amount of amazing music composed. I was just vindicating Schubert

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