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Francis Bebey Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Francis Bebey:

Agatha Agatha, ne me ments pas! Agatha, ne me ments pas! Ce n'est…
Forest Nativity Come into the world my child Awake into life, my child Life…
Je pars maria Je pars, Maria Je pars à la guerre Dans le pays que…
Je pars, Maria Je pars, Maria Je pars à la guerre Dans le pays que…
La Condition Masculine Tu ne connais pas Sizana Sizana, c'est ma femme C'est ma fem…
Lettre à ma bien aimée L'ennui avec toi C'est que moi aussi je t'aime Si j'avais pu…
Lettre à ma bien-aimée L'ennui avec toi C'est que moi aussi je t'aime si j'avais pu…
Mon amour pour toi Mon amour pour toi (Francis Bebey) Mon amour pour toi… Mon a…
Sanza tristesse Le soir est triste Mon cœur est triste Ma vie est triste Y…
The Coffee Cola Song There are people in town man, crazy people in town Eating…

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Archan

Can anybody tell from which source the video material is? I'd like to have more of that stuff! Which tribe is this?!?! (note the woman in the last picture...kinda outta space :-))

Michael Archan

All men??? Unbelieveable... thanks a lot!


Thanks for the comment Michael the original footage is from the Werner Herzog documentary Wodaabe: Herdsmen of the Sun which can be found here:

Oh & by the way there all men.

Elke Zwinge-Makamizile

Unbelievable, how the music from Francis Bebey can be adopted in variations and stays nevertheless his own universal caracter, a seldom pleasure together with the pictures.

alessandro guaita

Love it!

Natasha Durcan

So real,creepy n it.Not while on LSD though!😊

Gianfredo König

this is beyond awesome and creepy at the same time

Gianfredo König

@djhdd incredibly well


Thank you, the track & visuals do work well together

Mojo Filter

What a weird-out! Gotta dig this total trip. Mushroom moment for sure..

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