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Close to You
Frank Sinatra Lyrics

Close to you, I will always stay.
Close to you, though you're far away.

You'll always be near as though you were here by my side.
No matter where - in my dreams I'll find you there
Close to me, sharing you're caress.
Can't you see you're my happiness?

Wherever you go, my heart will go, too.
What can I do?
It only wants to be close to you.

Wherever you go, my heart will go, too.
What can I do?
It only wants to be close to you.

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Al Hoffman, Carl G. Lampl, Jerry Livingston

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Comments from YouTube:

Steve Silverman

Among the many outstanding recordings of his, this album still stands out. While not a huge hit with the public, it's always been a favorite among musicians as well as with the man himself. Superbly arranged by Riddle, flawlessly executed by The Hollywood String Quartet and their guests and perfectly sung by Mr. Sinatra.

Steve Silverman

@Jade Zee What led you to choose Jade Zee as a sobriquet, your lack of an imagination? Further, what are you attempting to say here, that Sinatra didn't have a "nice voice" and that I'm somehow "stupid" for suggesting otherwise? I'm curious to know what could have been going on in your attic when you concluded that I didn't "deserve a reply" whilst you were in the throes of typing one. Going forward (assuming that's your intended direction), see if you can remember to close a sentence with some form of punctuation and do likewise with your kimono prior to critiquing anyone for any reason.

Steve Silverman

@Classic Yeah It's been said "he could sing the phone book and it would be a hit." I'm not talking about "hits," I'm talking about vocal artistry. There's a reason he revisited so many tunes - he was older, wiser and had more to bring to them in that second or third reading. Night & Day and The Song is You are two he recorded four times - not counting live recordings. I think there's one other in that group but I can't remember what it was.

Classic Yeah

The one he did originally was a hit for him in 1943.

Karl Hungus

@Steve Silverman - Really great comments, Mr. Silverman. Though I'm not a musician, I very much agree on all points. Frank is my favorite singer and I wish I could go back in time and become one, too.

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tony salvatore

Sinatra can still bring tears to a 90 yr old's eyes. R.I.P.

The Archive

tony salvatore much love to you


Amazing song

Jade Zee

this is the album some music historians/critics/artists consider to be Franks best ever singing....

Trond Alfs Vestrheim

Ive listened to this song so many times and shared it with my love living 3000 km away from me - - think you all know the reason why

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