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Ol' Man River
Frank Sinatra Lyrics

Here we all work 'long the Mississippi
Here we all work while the white folk play
Pullin' them boats from the dawn till sunset
Gettin' no rest till the judgment day

Don't look up and don't look down
You don't das make the boss man frown
Bend your knees and bow your head
And pull that rope until your dead

Let me go 'way from the Mississippi
Let me go 'way from the white man boss
Show me that stream called the river Jordan
That's the old stream that i long to cross.

Ol' man river, that ol' man river
He don't say nothin', but he must know somethin'
He just keeps rollin', he keeps on rollin' along

He don't plant tatters, and he don't plant cotton
And them what plants em, are soon forgotten
But ol' man river, just keeps rollin' along

You and me, we sweat and strain
Body all achin' and racked with pain
Tote that barge and lift that bail
You get a little drunk and you lands in jail

I gets weary, and sick of trying
I'm tired of livin', but I'm scared of dyin'
But ol' man river, he just keeps rolin' along

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Comments from YouTube:

José de Ribamar Araújo Peres

One day, many years ago, I saw this video with Sinatra and I tought: "When I 'll see this one again? They passed fifty years and today we've got the Youtube. Thank you.

Paul van Dijck

+vivthefree - Beautifully expressed!

Greetings from a 69 year old Dutchman, living in France and a great admirer of Frank Sinatra and his American contemporary artists: modern classics, jazz, blues, soul, country and western, and pop music. Great era and very difficult to surpass!


Technology can ruin our lives, but your comment reminds me that we live in magical times.

Edgard Vita de Pina

It cost but worth it. What good have liked!

Rico DiGiorgio

Jesus that "in jail..." gives me chills. happy 100 Frank.

r g

This shows Sinatra's inimitable voice, phrasing, and style. Sorry, but he is the greatest male vocalist ever. His entire being becomes entwined in his music. I still miss him. Happy 100th, Frank.


Thats why he said to Matt Monroe hey I wish I could sing like you

Adrienne B

so very very well put


Aiden Wilcock Lmaoooo your opinion is trash


Keyvon Moreno Sarabia Frank is unbeatable

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