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Didja Get Any Onya?
The Mothers of Invention Lyrics


Lowell: Years ago in Germany when I was a very small boy, zere was a lot of people standing around on ze corners asking questions: "Why are you standing on ze corner, acting ze way you act, looking like you look? WHY DO YOU LOOK THAT WAY?" And they ask me and I only would say: "I don't... I don't know, I'm just standing 'round ze corner waiting here... just in... in ze evening, and... and it's so nice outside... the night is so nice... why... are you just asking these questions..."

Get any
Onya onya onya onya...


Contributed by Stella C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Snow the Jam Man

And to think this was written buy a guy who DIDN'T use drugs

Adlai Alexander

I know what you mean but he ingested MASSIVE quantities of nicotine and caffeine.


Drugs do Frank Zappa

John Raybuck

He needn't use them. He was one, and a genius too boot.

sveinung lidsheim

And to think you need drug to be different and daring only say something about the artist.....not.

Iamman i upload 5 times a day for 6 months

I mean not really. Drug music is usually one hell of a mess (though I like it!), this is more, though out, I say that lightly. Mostly improvisation, but great.

Andrew Seniska

As the story goes, Art Tripp and Roy Estrada from the Mothers were rehearsing "Charles Ives" in the studio when Beefheart called Zappa in the control room and he fed the reciting from Jeff Cotton from the phone (It's the Blimp, Frank, it's the Blimp) into the mix. This is what ended up on Trout Mask Replica. Weather the music and the reciting were done at the same time I am not sure. The music is by Zappa and the words by Beefheart. Great piece. By the way there's also a bit of piano at the end of the Blimp, probably played by Ian Underwood. How's that for trivial details from an over-obsessed fan such as I.

Eliseu Huertas Cos

Guess what ? After Frank disbanded the original Mothers I was lucky to experience some extraordinary performances of such outmost powerful rhythmic section as Roy Estrada and Art Tripp were with none the other but The Captain as at Bickershaw Festival and Bristol in England...


Unlike many musicians, Frank was the consummate artist, or, should I say, sound doctor. He LOVED to play with sound, and rhythm, to see what would come of it. I grew up playing rock and remember loving loud sounds, why I loved to mow the lawn: the sound was deafening (great stuff). Frank was a composer, but one who loved soundscapes of the oddest variety. And it was his experimentation and doctoring of sound that made him the great composer that he was. One of my favorite pieces is Weasels Ripped My Flesh-- the power and the glory of just smashing sounds. Serious alternate entertainment.


I make sure to downvote your comments everytime I see them. Are you the self proclaimed ambassador of Zappa?

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