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That's My Desire
Frankie Laine Lyrics

To spend one night with you in our old rendezvous,
And reminisce with you that's my desire.
To meet where gypsies play, down in that dim cafe,
And dance 'till break of day that's my desire.
We'll sip a little glass of wine, I'll gaze into your eyes divine.
I'll feel the touch of your lips pressing on mine.
To hear you whisper low just when it's time to go,

Cherie, I love you so, that's my desire.

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To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous
And reminisce with you
That's my desire
To meet where gypsies play
Down in some Dim Cafe
And dance till break of day
That's my desire
We'll sip a little glass of wine
I'll gaze into your eyes divine
I'll feel the touch of your lips
Pressing on mine
To hear you whisper low
Just when it's time to go
"Cheri, I love you so"
"You're my desire"
To hear you whisper low
Just when it's time to go
"Cheri, I love you so"
"You're my desire"
You're my desire

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Richard Richard

My dad loved Frankie Laine, he left him with me.. Cheers dad x

mr oconnell

Me too.


Same. The soundtrack to my childhood : Frankie and the Beatles.

John Brackett

There was only one Frankie Laine. Just fabulous!

Joe Linguini

My mother sang at the Apollo Theater many many moons ago, she won first place and a man by the name of Frank LoVecchio took second place, my mother remembers Franks mom smacking him across the face because he lost, if anyone remembers how the old Italians were you will understand that. Lol my mother and Frank started singing together in the Stamford Connecticut area, maybe New York also, I have no idea, it was way before I was thought of. one day Frank tells my mother he wants to go on the road and try to make it big, my grandmother tells my mother, you a no go with a the show people! so Frank went on and obviously became Frankie laine. pretty cool story. my mother in two months will be a hundred years old, she still goes out almost every night, and doesn't take one medication. and believe it or not, yes, she still sings, right in tune also. she's a tank! Lol

Sluggz Mcgee

Frankie's parents immigrated from Italy to Chicago, which is where Frankie grew up. Legend has it that Frankie's old man was once a barber for Al Capone. Don't know if it's true or not.


Is your mom still kicking up her heels?

Iris Pluck

Joe Lingu

Iris Pluck


Iris Pluck

Joe Lingu

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