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Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6
Franz Liszt Lyrics

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Some eastereggs, just found them out while studying this:

1. At mid-bar 43 (at 1:23), he changed the notes, although this isn't really a cadenza (part where you can edit the song). I guess it is now...
2. (S)He completly changed the notes from bar 45 to 76, WHILE STILL KEEPING THE MELODY! He beginns bar 45 with a NICE decoration made of g#, a#, and b#. Then playing the C# chord, he played the left hand an octave lower. The left had (he/she did this more times, example: 1:36, pause please) a f## and an a#, he played a lower b# and a d#. Basically same chords everywhere, just played completly different. Man those 10ths are SO PERFECT AND DELICATE! It's unfair, I have small hands, like my skill...
3. At the Friska (4th part of the song), where the octaves beginn (5:13), all the right hand is marked with a staccato (should be played short), and with no pedal (in those areas). He binds everything with the pedal. It gives the melody a completly different taste.
4. At the complete end (7:13), he ends the melody with a very high and very low Bb chord... reminds me of me trying out the piano for the first time...

I am not saying I don't like the way he is playing this... but I do not like so big changes in classical pieces! It is like drawing a picture, and someone just erases something, and puts something else there instead, just because "it looks better". It looks better for you, not for the composer. Keep this in your mids kids, trying to learn a melody by simplifying it. Don't learn the completely simplified melody, and say it is the complete song. It is okay to learn the simplified version of a song, as long as you intend to learn all of it eventually.

Now... Rousseau is a professional, he knows how to change things so that it sounds like both versions (the composer's and his own). Only pros can do that.

Akame 7

1:11 - 1:18 - 1:22 is my fav part//// it’s magical dreamy-

5:29 - here we start the story of... starring..
6:02 kids are home. - small footsteps
6:17 mommy’s home -high heel clicks
6:41 daddy’s home - stomp stomp
7:08 GRANDPA’S HOME - yells

If you start at 5:30 - 5:36 at 0.25x it sounds scary like a funeral, or a lonely circus, a lonely fair, a abandoned church.. etc.

Yes I’m crazy and my dreams are too.

Gia Bảo Phạm Đức

Rosseau: For 1.5 million special...
Me: Hope it’s Hungarian Rhapsody 2
Rosseau: ...a classical piece
Me: Yes, some hope
Rosseau: Liszt...
Me: OMG that’s cool!
Rosseau:..the Hungarian Rhapsody...
Rosseau: ...No.6!
Me: (fell off the chair).


0:05 ok lets see what we got here...
0:10 oh this isn't that hard
1:25 well its getting harder
1:40 how do you reach those notes with the left hand?
2:19 some easy stuff for a while...
5:38 well rip my right hand
6:33 well rip left hand
6:48 ha well rip both hands IM DONE

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It feels like yesterday we hit 1M, and now there is 1.5 MILLION of you!!! My ♥ is at a loss and I have only you all to thank. I've have some very exciting things planned for you, this all is just the beginning - I'll be sharing the news as soon as I know on my NEW MAILING LIST, on the website I coded, check it out here:

df w

Matt Baillie It works for me

df w

Matt Baillie It works for me

Vigghen Cubing

@Chris Evans I'm just confused, thats the dumbest Id ive ever seen...


Eric zhang

you can only do so much with 40 hours of practice

Andrew Li

Rousseau you have to watch out because Kassia is against you :(

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So now it's official - HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY 2 AT 2 MILLION!! If you haven't gotten the HR2 merch yet make sure to not miss out, there may be something special for those who have it when the video comes out ;)

Jiao Chen

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Less than a day left.

Fina Febriyanti

Rousseau where is my hungarian rapsodhy 2 ?!!!

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