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Freestyle Noize
Freestylers Lyrics

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey...

Come on now

If you really like rock and funky beat

Somebody in the house say hell yeah

Bring the noize

Bring the noize

Bring the noize

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Comments from YouTube:

Tuko Santos

Trasher Skate and Destroy Ps1 Nice Game


such a nice game!


E P I C !!
Soundtrack of my Life

Al Weber

Thrasher... HAHAHAha best game ever. Always liked it better then tony hawk

junior carreon

all thats missing is a old school rail

Jem Zombie

The game physics were so sketchy it was the best, just like when i was skating in '99

Deli Smith

THPS2 - тони хавк про скатер 2

alka 71

If y'all really like to rock the funky beat, somebody in the house say hell yeah

Chlen Pipenza

recalls my trip to Helsinki by car


Buen tema :D

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