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Keepers of Time
Gaia Epicus Lyrics

[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

Going back in time, long before the human kind
When there was no evil minds
Driven by a force, let the nature take its course
Only the strongest will survive

But then the man came like a virus to this world
And spread evil to the earth that gave him birth

Once there was no crime, and no greedy selfish minds
Mother earth was in control
Living by the rule, killing just for food
Keep the balance in control

We are the keepers of time, the guardians of life
We know everything that the future will bring
Earth wind and fire is what we control
A burning desire that lives in us all, Keepers of Time

Looking back in time, through the history we find
That the humans will not learn
Make the same mistakes, as so many have before
Until this earth can take no more

Keepers of time, the guardians of life
They know everything about the future
We will take back control, and the evil will fall
There's always a light behind the rainbow


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Comments from YouTube:


This needs more views, like, millions of views.

under taker

Agree brother /sister


1:20 - 2:00 - best part, that rhytm is unbelievable.

Martha Gomez

De los mejores grupos a huevo!!?!


Boa banda! Bom som!

HQ HD calidad


Domingos Z Sousa



Really great song


una obra maestra total !!!!!


After 5:05 it is purely Freedom Call. It is not bad, but not really authentic.

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