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Variations Nos. 1 Through 16
Glenn Gould Lyrics

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Aria 0:00
Variation 1 1:56
Variation 2 2:41
Variation 3 3:19
Canon at the unision
Variation 4 4:15
Variation 5 4:45
Variation 6 5:23
Canan at the second
Variation 7 5:58
Al tempo di Giga
Variation 8 7:07
Variation 9 7:53
Canon at the third
Variation 10 8:32
Variation 11 9:15
Variation 12 10:10
Canon at the fourth (in inversion)
Variation 13 11:07
Variation 14 13:21
Variation 15 14:20
Canon at the fifth (in inversion, G minor)
Variation 16 16:40
(French) Overture
Variation 17 17:59
Variation 18 18:53
Canon at the sixth
Variation 19 19:40
Variation 20 20:23
Variation 21 21:11
Canon at the seventh (G minor lament bass)
Variation 22 22:56
(alla breve, stile antico)
Variation 23 23:39
Variation 24 24:34
Canon at the octave
Variation 25 25:32
Adagio (Aria in G minor)
Variation 26 32:07
Variation 27 33:00
Canon at the ninth
Variation 28 33:51
(Trilled toccata)
Variation 29 35:03
Variation 30 36:04
Aria 36:53
(da Capo)

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W. James Wright

I met Glenn Gould several times while I was working as a security guard at College Park in Toronto around 1981. He was quiet but I got to sit and listen to some of his practices. He was brilliant and gracious. Wonderful man! I sat in the balcony while he played and hummed to of my first times listening to classical music

Jerbi B

@Rosina Ibragimova drugs for many maladies, some of them imaginary, poor nutriton, no aerobic exercise. 'Not recommended for a long life.


@Sorcerer Stone i'm certain that Gould would run through pieces that were new to him and work on any tricky bits as necessary - many friends and neighbours have talked about hearing him play piano in his apartment, and i've seen some scores of his that were really marked-up with fingerings and dynamic cues. in addition , during the years Gould performed live professionally (mid 1950's - 1964), his repertoire was not extensive and consisted of a lot of stuff he'd practised plenty of times as a student. He has said in interviews that he didn't like to talk or think about technique very much ("it's like asking a centipede which leg it will move first"). I think many of Gould's fellow pianists found his tempos to be excessive & unorthodox, and others found his playing illuminating.

A Chopin's fan

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Игорь Зверев

@broscosmoline у меня тоже с детства был хороший учитель из школы Нейгауза примерно в такой технике. Каждый звук рождается как импровизация! Играть только по нотам! Играть как композитор сочиняет как Шуберт!


@Игорь Зверев его техника была неортодоксальной. Его манера игры была продолжением того, как играл его учитель, и этот учитель учил его только с раннего возраста. Думаю, идея заключалась в том, чтобы пальцы касались клавиш, насколько это возможно. Большинство пианистов играют со скрученными пальцами, прижимая кончики пальцев к клавишам.

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Young Paderewski

This guy was born to play Bach.


perhaps he was Bach,,,,,

Antonio Pedroza

this is a computer made re-performance. look for zenph studios


I agree.

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