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Walking In The Rain
Grace Jones Lyrics

Walking down the street, kicking cans
Looking at the Billboard, oh so bland
Summing up the people, checking out the race
Doing what I'm doing, feeling out of place.

walking, in the rain.

Feeling like a woman, looking like a man

Sounding like a "no-no," making what I can.
Singing in the darkness, shining in the night

The coming conclusion, right isn't right.

walking, in the rain.

Come in all you jesters!, Enter all you fools.
Sit down "no-no", old girl fools.
Trip the light fantastic, dance the spiral hips

Coming conclusion, gotten off your lips.

walking, in the rain.
walking, in the rain.

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: VINCENT F. BELL

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Walking down the street
Kicking cans
Looking at the billboards
Oh so rad

Summing up the people
Checking out the race
Doing what I'm doing
Feeling out of place

Walking, walking
In the rain

Feeling like a woman
Looking like a man
Sounding like a no-no
Making what I can
Whistling in the darkness
Shining in the night
Coming to conclusions
Right is night is tight

Walking, walking
In the rain

Come in all you jesters
Enter all you fools
Sit down no-no's
Vulgar fools
Trip the light fantastic
Dance the swivel hips
Coming to conclusions
Button up your lips

Walking, walking
In the rain
Walking, walking
In the rain

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Martin Patrick

I consider this album one of the greatest albums ever recorded. The creation of avant-garde R&B rock and soul is some achievement! Ms Jones had the Grace to fulfil a musical vision with Sly and Robbie that help change music in the 1980s.

Anthony Andrea

This is original and brilliant - it is as fresh now as it will be in 1000 years from now.

Angel Wild

“Feeling like a woman..
Looking like a man…”
Sigh…Oh Grace Jones…Words cannot describe my sheer admiration, respect & love for you. You are an incredible, inspirational, truly fabulous artist who was absolutely original, who dared to destroy all boundaries of gender, and who endured growing up as a preacher’s daughter; yet still dared to be yourself & therefore became an undeniable LEGEND!♥️🏙✌️🐉🥂👍🏻🌎🌎😘🎉🥰🥳🔥🤩

Scott Harrison

I can't wait until the day this album is considered the masterpiece classic that it'll happen


@ Parousia...a mention to Bruce Wooley re. 'Slave To The Rythym'.
But Alex Sadkin and Chris Blackwell of course, at Island Records were the bee's knees..what a "stoned groove" the whole gang cut out!


Now we've lost half the rythym section on this track, the rain will fall that much heavier on this world.
Yep, it's already happening Scott.
This still my fave Gracey track ✌😎

Norm Appleton

@Brian Huxtable Somebody should bronze that.

Norm Appleton

Sorry this is already in the Hall of Fame


It officially is actually. .

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Bought this album on vinyl when in my late teens. Still one my most favourite albums of all time (54 now). LOVE IT!!!!

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