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I Will
Hands Lyrics

Can you feel the anger in my heart?

I can't believe this is me.
I built my house on shaking ground, and lit a match to watch it burn.
Set me free.

Rest my soul in you alone.
Rise, from the quiet I will rise. (x3)

Take my hand, give me the faith to move mountains.
Give me the strength to rebuild, help me become a better man.
Help me to understand your will.
Let it rain, to remind me that there is something more. (x2)

Help me become a better man.
Rest my soul in you alone. (x2)
Set me free.

Contributed by Adam L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Glenn Martin

Still jamming this in 2019


I hated this the first time I listened to it.. But the second and on, I loved it. The emotion.

Aaron Vidovich

O.O that let it rain part. I was NOT expecting that.

Seth Ward

Wow this is amazing


I love August Burns Red. This reminds me of them so much....


Haha, found these guys because they were the #1 spot on Gojira's bassist's album of the year. I'm liking what i hear


these guys need way more attention! everybody share it on twitter and facebook and anything else and tell your friends!!

Jonathan Rajarison

this is a classic


love those lyics

Krysta Kaehu

It's odd how similar Bring Me The Horizon's song, go to hell for heavens sake, sounds like this. Hands are good!

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