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Hans Zimmer Lyrics

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Jeff G

Fantastic soundtrack and one of my all-time favorite movies.

v8cool 2

Is there any other atmospheric historic themed music like this around. I could just wander a Roman ruin and listen to this forever, but this piece is to short....NEED MORE !!

v8cool 2

@Curio I have the Braveheart music. Fabulous stuff again. I know the Titanic one but I think the music is more associated with the film rather than the era. I'm kind of after music associated with the time period.

v8cool 2

@Era Javukh Thanks I'll check that out.


Braveheart, The New World and Titanic (all by James Horner) have an atmospheric flutey soundtrack, but I think you might be familiar with their music...


I advise you to take a look at HBO's show Rome soundtrack, it was made with instruments from the era it takes place in

Era Javukh

There is a song in the Aramaic language with a similar flute melody called Gamy by Ogin Bet Samo.

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Diego Seixas



The movie I love the most. Incredibly touching soundtrack and scenes.


I love how otherwordly this sounds... it blows me away every time.

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