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A Way of Life
Hans Zimmer Lyrics

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Eduard Tarniceriu


1. Justice or Rectitude (義 gi)

This is all about making sure that we have the right way when we make a decision. That we have the power to make a decision quickly. It is about making sure that we do not become indecisive and that our decisions are made and based on the right reasons.

2. Courage (勇 yū)

This is about making sure that what we do is right and that we have the courage to do the right thing and not just what people think we should do. If we are raised in a particular way, we think in a way that we belief in. this is about making sure we do what we believe in and have the courage to do so.

3. Benevolence or Mercy (仁 jin)

As a warrior, the Samurai have the power to kill. However, benevolence is about making sure that you are balanced in how you think. It is about making sure that you also have sympathy and mercy at the right time. For the Samurai it was about making sure you fought for the right reason and that if you had to kill someone, you did it for the right reason and your belief but that you also make sure that if there was no need to kill you would have mercy and be sympathetic.

4. Respect (禮 rei)

It is important that in everything they believe, they must have respect and be polite in everything.  The way they live their life meant they must be respectful of their elders, they must respect life, respect others beliefs.

5. Honesty (誠 makoto)

Honesty was very important, as they believe that being honest in everything you do gives you respect and means you can be trusted. 

6. Honour (名誉 meiyo)

To live and die with honor was very important to the Samurai. Everything they did was honorable which meant they did everything in what they believed with honor.

7. Loyalty (忠義 chūgi)

Loyalty was probably one of the very important parts of what they did. They treated each other like family and would do everything within their power to protect and help their samurai warriors. Loyalty was important because this means they can trust their warriors and know they would be loyal to whatever they needed to do and not worry about loosing their respect.

Sequana R

Everything has started almost 3 years ago.
The first day I saw her, I wasn’t felt like that before. She was like a witcher and her looks were poising me.
Then I loved her a year.
After a long year we started to getting close with ourselves.
Everything i imagined was going wonderful until she decided to talk with me.
I was thinking that she loved me but she wasn’t.
Something was happened and I couldn’t do anything for that.
She said she didn’t have any feelings against me.
I never believed that ‘cause her eyes were telling the truth.
Even if 3 years passed I’m still thinking like that.
The last moment we talked was 2 months ago.
We were sitting on the same table during the exam.
I couldn’t got enough good result from that exam because of her.
but she was worth it.
While I listen this song our unlived memories comes suddenly into my mind.
She will always stay in my dreams even now, tomorrow and future

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“From the moment they wake up, they dedicate themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. I’ve never seen such discipline”

Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail

aspiring not to ways of bushido, but just applying that concept to anything in life just makes it that much richer. . To becoming better, cheers


@Michelle Bottone Well said!

Michelle Bottone

@Vanessa Thomas they were fierce warriors, but humble at heart. And devotion drove everything. Beautiful.

Michelle Bottone

A principle worth devoting a lifetime to.

Vanessa Thomas

Humbling to life

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Kara Lee

"Everybody wants to be someone else. We just need a taste of who we are."

Ozzylep Unknown

we are all equally mortal and therefore as worthless

Ozzylep Unknown

I am a carbon vessel that thinks its a part of a species and has intense anxion and anger issues alongside with existensial chrisis, sounds good.

Kara Lee

@ash lynx Exactly

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