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Hole Lyrics

Swing low sweet cherry
Make it awful
It's your life it's your party it's so awful
Let's start a fire
Let's have a riot! Yeah it's awful
It was punk
Yeah it was perfect now it's awful
They know how to break all the girls
like you
And they rob the souls of the girls like you
And they break the hearts of the girls
Swing low cherry cherry
Yeah it's awful
He's drunk he tastes
Like candy he's so beautiful
He's so deep like dirty water
God, he's awful
You're lost, oh, where's your daddy it's so
And they royalty rate all the girls like you
And they sell it out to the girls like you
To incorporate little girls
Hey, run away with the light
Run away it's divine
Let's run away, yeah, tonight and
We'll steal the light of the world
Swing low, sweet cherry, yeah, it's awful
You're ripe for the picking, it's so awful
You've got your youth
Don't waste your money
Yeah it's awful
I was punk!
Now I'm just stupid!
I'm so awful
Oh, just shut up you're only 16
If the world is so wrong
Yeah you can break them all
With one song
If the world is so wrong yeah you can take it
With one song
Swing low sweet cherry
Make it awful
They bought it all, just build a new one,
Make it beautiful yeah

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Blue River That’s so FUCKING fake. Get your facts on and stop LYING.

Billy Corgan wrote only 5 songs with Courtney on the Celebrity Skin album (awful is not one of those songs).

Kurt Cobain didn’t wrote ANYTHING on Live Through This and this FACT has been reported by all of the other members of the band and the album producers:

Sean Slade: “We witnessed “Asking for It” from when it didn’t exist to when it got finished. It was fascinating. There was a certain magic going on.”

Paul Q. Kolderie: “I always bring that up whenever people say “Kurt wrote the songs” — I can say he didn’t because I watched it happen.”

Eric Erlandson: “He didn’t know any of the songs, there were drugs involved, and Courtney’s like, “Change something on this.” Mainly just to get some harmonies, I guess. Not anything about the writing of the songs, not anything with even the vocal melodies. Everything was already done. He was going in there mumbling harmonies over a couple songs. Those things were not used on the album; they turned up in a mix later. You can hear him on top of whatever song that was — I think “Softer, Softest” — but he was never actually involved.”

Sean Slade: “I had one conversation with Kurt when we were mixing it. Courtney called and said, “Kurt wants to talk to you.” And I remember looking at Paul and Paul giving me a look like, “You’re gonna do this one.” I got on the phone and Kurt starts going, “I got these mixes, and here’s what you gotta do — you gotta make the snare sound huge, and you gotta double all of Courtney’s vocals.” And I said, “Sorry, Kurt, but we’re not gonna do that. That’s not the album we are making here, that’s not the approach we’re taking.” What Kurt was saying, basically, was make it sound like my album, make it sound like Nevermind. And I told him, straight up, no way, we’re not going to do that. I probably pissed him off, but I didn’t care.”


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the reason i wish i was 16 in the 90's


It was really fun. I was 16 in 1998. I think the 90s had some of, if not the best of ALL genres. We had 2Pac and Biggie, Cobain, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Metallica, AC/DC, George Straight, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, George Jones, oh and who could forget TOOL and NIN, I mean you name it I could go on forever naming great singers in every genre. We had all those bands.

Gerry Wallington

I was 16 in 92

Michael Welch

It was great

José claudio Martínez Hernández

It was awesome!

Harley Quinn

@JAYSON WILLIAMS wow... Way to make all us gen y ppl look like dicks. Lol you need a hobby

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Kat Jenny

She's been to hell and back and she's far from a perfect person, but she is still so inspiring to me.


I'm so sorry.

Bella Bastos

They're so underrated, Courtney has a talent for writing Lyrics. Stop comparing hole to Nirvana :)))

wolf gang

We're not comparing Nirvana to Hole. You can't compare two things of such different quality. You can't compare true art to posing and karaoke.

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