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The Fellowship
Howard Shore Lyrics

When the cold of winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams
I can hear your name
And in dreams
We will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall
And we come, to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there,
I will go there
And back again

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What a masterpiece. Everything about lotr, the music, the language, the world, the creatures... Everything so perfect and pure it makes you feel as if it all actually happened. Sad to say we've seen all lotr has to offer. Maybe someone can take it up and create a few movies on the Silmarilliun, but I'm afraid that would be near impossible... Guess I will stick to re-watching them once or twice a year.

Chi Funk

It probably IS based on real events as Tolkien was a Mason

Will _Hum

There are the forgotten stuff about Tom bombadil that people forget exist, they are only in book form but there are the adventures of Tom bombadil which are some of the last times that Tolkien visited middle earth but can be worth the read.


One of the things that makes me most sad about how PJ was forced to rush Hobbit was the effect on the soundtract. Not counting Pippin's song or I See Fire, I can literally only remember one tune from the Hobbit trilogy, which is Durin's Song. And that we never got a full version of, sadly. :' (

The Ht's music is okay, even above-average. But "good" is below average for PJ & Co's crew. Idk what might've been, that we never got, but they probably do, and as much as it bothers me, it probably bothers them even more because they are true, passionate professionals.

Dreaded Kitty

@Celldrom i read that that tolkiens son will not sell The Silmarillion. Cant remember the reason. So no Pre-LotR.


Silmarillion would work super well as an extended netflix series or on tv

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1:50 I made a promise, Mister Frodo. A promise! "Don't you lose him Samwise Gamgee!" And I don't mean to, I don't mean to.  (Sorry if I got the name wrong D:)


TheSmileBC dude ı wanna cry :)

Ultron Prime

Don't worry, you didn't get either of the names wrong

Joe V

"I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. “Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.” And I don't mean to. "

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