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Small World
by Huey Lewis & The News

All around the world
There are people like you and me
From the poorest beggar in the street
To the richest king and queen

Some people take and then they never give
Gotta learn to give and take
If ya want to learn to live
In a small world, small, small world

Now we can fight one another
Like they to on TV
Or we can help one another
The way it's supposed to be

If we all give a little
It could really mean a lot
It's a small, small world
But it's the only one we've got
Small world, small, small world

Small world, small, small world
It's our world, it's our power
Small world, oh

Small world, small, small world
Our one and only small world
You gotta learn to give if you want to live
Small world

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Comments from YouTube:

William Meadows

Highly under-rated...this is one of my fave song by the band!

Mikey_Suze Four

Totally agreed Bill!

Grant Koeller

Stan Getz had cancer and this was one of his last recordings. He blew the most beautiful solo of time!!!! not on part one but on part two....

Ashlee Tines

Grant Koeller Aww I didnโ€™t know that! Thanks for sharing.

Mikey_Suze Four

@Gregory Garcia I owned both parts and Getz just completely made this song his own creation!

Gregory Garcia

Mr. Getz was a fantastic exponent of the saxophone.

Bruce K

Amen to that .. incredible genious ..RIP SG


This song shows how much talent this band really has. A great fusion of jazz and rock

Will Ritter

Unfortunately it came at the end of Huey's run when people were kind of sick of him... this groovy tune way under-performed... I'd greatly appreciate it if some 80s fans would view my acoustic piano & vocal cover (live, no autotune) of PRAYING FOR TIME on my channel in tribute to the great George Michael. George hasn't gotten his due for all the contributions he made to modern music a vocalist, songwriter and producer. But eventually he will get his due. THANK YOU GEORGE.


What a kick ass band and Chris Hays is dam good on guitar.

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