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Hard to Believe
Hunny Lyrics

blue eyes took on the kid last night
up to no good
eraser like, replacer like
let's do it again

didn't see it coming
took the long way home
blue eyes don't fade

two in pictures don't say what can't be seen
the tallest rose, wait and see

it's not hard to believe, eraser,
even colors bleed
it's not hard to believe, replacer,
a way to pull the stripes from off the sleeve

a mis-step, a wrong word
eraser, replacer
with a sense of self reflection,
he rode into the sun

how could he see it coming
took the long way home
don't want to watch those blue eyes fade

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Comments from YouTube:

Cosmic Sanders

this is definitely illegal but i’ll fuckin take it lmao


Thanks man i need this

andrea chmelinová

Thank u so much!




Post la belle femme pls

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