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Swimmers Can Drown
I:Scintilla Lyrics

My timeline is a wire wrapped tight around my neck
Slowing apathy swells, give in to disconnect
Unworldly transmission fed to relive the shame
I don't want a trial, I'll take all the blame
A stone stolid council Speaks dogmatically
Bullets and anecdotes divided evenly
A chilling consciousness wakes me from the trance
It redefines my mind I'll never have a chance

Nothing, giving, unworthy offering
Losing, feeling like a bird with clipped wings
Sinking feeling, pushing down on me
Swimming, drowning, in a toxic red sea

The blow shatters my remission
Fracture patterns show through my skin
Please understand this was not my plan
No, I gotta know
Does it matter where my heart's been
Fracture patterns show through my skin
Please understand this was not my plan
No, I gotta go

Weightless restraint floating away, evaporating
The impulse grows in clouds below, cascading
Dripping whisper, falling faster, raining

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Comments from YouTube:

George K.

Very touchy mixture of dance & industrial (or better: dance & nicely distorted guitars). I wonder why we rarely watch this kind of music/bands go mainstream, although they deserve it!


Saying I:Scintilla isn't industrial rock is like saying KMFDM stopped being industrial rock when Lucia joined. It's like saying that Industrial has been dead since the induction of the synthesizer. It's like saying any band with industrial styled instrumentals isn't industrial because of the lead's singing style. You're more than welcome to your opinion, but this is more industrial than half of the "industrial" acts touring today.

Scarlet Angel

Love this song! Heard it at a Seattle concert last week when another band was setting up this just started playing!

Amayon Patel-Blakh

Never heard of this artist but somehow this song was added to one of my Spotify custom lists. Love this song. What a beautiful mistake? Thanks Spotify XD


Freakin' AWESOME. So glad Pandora dropped I:Scintilla on me.. and as someone mentioned similarly, I found them because of Birthday Massacre - (ABSOLUTELY my favorite find of 2010). Seconded/Thirded/Fourthed (fake words..) She's gorgeous. I'd make HER breakfast!


Yo! Good taste!


Beautiful, Amazing, Jaw dropping, etc. I love it. Personally I think this is the #1 music video based on both visual and audio. My new obsession <3

Jay von Minden

This is a new find for me, outside my usual genre. I'm hooked! I don't care what genre call it, they are on par with the great European acts that have outlived their time and are just living on their names (Nightwish, Within Temptation). I'll be buying their recordings soon; gotta throw some love to the people behind the scenes.

Matt Gilchrest

This song, video and band are the best thing i've seen in a long time


Favorite song so far. I love listening when I am in my dark place.

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