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Guns in the Sky

See the sound
It crashes in
All around
It gets in
Now take your hands
And raise them up
Into to the air
That's all around ya
Now bring them down
Like a clock at two
Shake your head
You know what to do
They want to put
Guns in the sky
Someone out there
Ain't gonna like it

But it could be good
Make us love each other
Have to realize
I own the future

Guns in the sky

Guns in the sky

Guns in the sky

Guns in the sky

Guns in the sky
Child grows up to see
Guns in the sky
Used to be on TV

Want to change
Forgot the joke
It's great to see you
I'm running late, da da da
Love your hair, da da da
Lend me a ten, da da da
I love your big house, da da da

Could you spare a dime
Well I'm sick of it, it's a load of shit
We could stop the world and let of all the fools
And let them go live with their guns in the sky

Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky

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Comments from YouTube:


Please transport me to whatever alternate dimension in which Michael Hutchence is still alive. ❤

Nae Ru

Amen. I was just thinking the same thing.


This band was a breath of fresh air ......

Kristi King

This band was way ahead of its time. We didn't realize at the time what we had....the pure genius. It was just new and different and so sexy, we didn't pay close enough attention. If we'd had the Internet back then, it would've been way different. I've learned so much about INXS in the past few years from resources we just didn't have access to back then.

afrima adzijaj

Absolutely.....the energy doesnt die...💥💞🕊🌹

Pippa P. Pod

INXS is one of my all-time favorite bands...oddly I’m a metalhead! 🤘These guys were too phenomenal for me to ignore, even though I never listened to anything you could dance to!🤘My musical taste all these years later has broadened, and I listen to a little bit of everything. When I listen to INXS, it doesn’t sound dated to me at all. It sounds fresh and new, not 20 something years old. Does anyone else think so?

Mike Lucas

When I started listening to rock (full time) in the late 80s, I started out with INXS; but I've always liked other bands, too.

Josh Blake

Right... I was a hardcore skater but even us punkers saw the style flavor and started rockin INXS... they were cutting edge during their new romantic/ new wave era... which was the music era ever!

D Escalade

Inxs was a band you were kind of obligated to hate if you liked metal (which I did at the time) but then I noticed that the cutest girls were into them so I said fuck it and let my metal friends judge me. Which was hard at the time but eventually we all realized they were a great pop band. Rest In Peace to Michael.

Josh Blake

The Kick album particularly was way ahead of its time in it's confluence of rock and funk and top notch production. 33 years later it holds up extremely well. My kids love Guns in the Sky and think Need You Tonight is really cool. Michael Hutchence and the boys are simply timeless. Very underrated in the history of Rock!

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