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Gangsta Rap
Ice-T Lyrics

Whassup, Whassup?!
Westside !!

Here we go,
Another one, Iceberg, Gangsta Rap
2006, 8t album, SMG !

Time to take you back to the days of old
Six-fo Chevys, big fat go
Out throw the West with the Gangstas rollin'
South Central L.A. : my home
We was out the feeling that hiphop be
We couldn't connect to the New York streets
So we took the bandanas and we tied 'em up
Roll up in the studio and laid it rough !
Ice Cube and them niggaz with the tooth
Shown to motherf**ker how to blast a deuce (come on) BLAH !!
Dr Dre, NWA, Eazy-E and Ren f**k what you say
**** * *** for them niggaz up north
ghettoboys we was like "F**k the law!
Dubcee nigga **** *** we thought you how to gangbang and the Crip dance


This ain't RNB, this is Gangsta Rap,
Bitches get smacked, bustas get jacked,
Front if you want you get lay on your back
It's about guns and drugs and hoes and club

Cypress Hill made a nigga understand
How I could just kill a man?

Long Beach out of the dark came Snoop
Skinny little nigga not scared to shoot
Dogg Pound gangstas Kurrupt and Daz
Sure have the whole Death Row unblast
Kane Tea muthaf**ka Warren G
Nate Dogg rapping that 213
Don't front muthaf**ka, don't hate
Compton's Most Wanted, MC Eiht
Throw your sets up niggas like you dont give a damn
Inglewood Mac-10 watch who's kane


So you wanna really know what's real on the mik'
My little homie Pac lost his life
East Coast, West Coast, gun talk rules
Cocaine, big wheels, hoes and juice
Down South Gotti nigga is real (Dirty South)
Gangsta Rap got mass appeal
Little white boys in the 'burbs got heat
A ghetto is a ghetto, and a street is strict !
Eliminate the poverty disease
And we'll start rapping 'bout birds and trees
you can get shot no matter how much f**king cash you got
you can never get away the streets they HOT !
And gangstas ain't the ones to push
They kill ya in a second, ask President Bush!


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Comments from YouTube:

hamilton soosaimuthu

this is why i have so much respect for ice t this man is giving respect to those who came after him and i have never seen a rapper do that before

Me mr. You ?

+GrazsPlace not really lol


Then you haven't listened to much rap music

Coca Sebastian

Respect for the real hip-hop and the real gangsta rap

shady hodge

you know someone's a true OG when be calls 2pac his "little homie"

Jordon Morgan

Yeh well ice t ,tupac were best mates there other true homie was mike tyson imagine that lol u wouldnt dis that shit


Ice T was, is, and will be the BOSS


Ice-T Always REAL! Mad props!

The Grumpy Dane

He wasn't dissing him. He just mentioned his name and Ren, and one of MC Ren's songs. Just like he also mentioned Cypress Hill, and one of their songs. In other words, he was giving a shout out to some of the true OGs.


Damn it's amazing how influential Ice-T is he was the first one to put out a gangsta rap record and still didnt get as much respect as he should get...big up 4 tha real O.G.!!!

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