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Strength and Anger I
Ildjarn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

sharpvon l

potion seller, i'm going into battle and i require your strongest potions


one of the best albums to date, great work by vidar vaaer.

Indigo Rodent

Love Ildjarn! I'm not sure if I ever heard anyone else making something like this!

Piotr P


Alex Delarge

Check out Octinomos

Alex Delarge

Maybe the Swedish.... Nobodie else

Jmurray 666

Check out Odelegger

Aj Rollo

I dropped my phone and just thought I broke the speakers. Nope, just Idjarn.


Ildjarn is the fucking most insane shit. After 12 years, I still wanna punch the wall when I listen to this.

Princess Olmeca

Love the album cover. Like, a lot.

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