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Illuminate Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


did he just admit selling his soul to the Illuminati in this video 🌚wow just wow


If you are willing to sell your soul at all for money and fame, you aren't ready to be involved with the illuminati.

Cj Johnson

He just said he called it Illuminati cuz he had to sacrifice you lil dumb bitch

Christian Serrano

Niggas think llluminati means selling they soul nah bruh it means sacrificing for the greater good

Printiss Graham

Nigga trying to help him to were he at now

Printiss Graham



What kinda preacher or congregation would allow such foolery to go on in Gods much disrespect bc he thrw some 💵💵💵💵 their way they jus dnt care no more...

Dale Craft

Man everything Is going on In Churches everything might not be good that he did here but still a good video 💯

jOKUr Ryba

Basic Religious Churches money money. Blac youngsta made a good point ;P

Earl Glock

Is he admitting to sacrificing his Lil bro or what?

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